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Stationary Power

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Lower costs. Lower emissions. Higher fuel efficiency.

GE sets the standard for dependable stationary power solutions. Our rugged design is optimized for fuel efficiency, low lifecycle costs and low emissions.

As one of the world’s leading makers of medium-speed diesel engines, our proven technology is also used for continuous and standby power in stationary gensets. These advanced diesel engines deliver a powerful, dependable and fuel-efficient power source, even in the world’s harshest conditions.


Get a list of GE Transportation's pdf2017 GE's Marine Solutions/Stationary/Drill Active 3rd Parties A map of their locations can be found pdfhere.

For dependability, fuel efficiency and lower life-cycle costs, GE Transportation’s V228 Series Diesel Engine is among the best in its class. An alternative to high- speed, high-cost power, this engine delivers a 3 to 5% fuel savings and nearly double the mean time between maintenance cycles in a typical power operation. Its high-capacity turbocharger, electronic fuel injection and efficient combustion management make fuel and lube oil consumption among the lowest in the industry.

This powerful engine is the most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and environmentally compatible diesel engine ever built by GE Transportation.

Models: 6L250, 8L250, 12V250, 16V250

Parts & Services

Both GE and GE competitive products can be ordered on line through our customer web center (CWC). The CWC allows you to order, obtain quotes and availability of GE's full range of parts and components. The CWC is available to registered customers. To register for access please click here. If you are a registered customer, and are logged in, please click on the Quotes & Orders link to access our online quote/order system.

* EMD is a trade designator of Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. GE is not an authorized EMD distributor, nor is otherwise associated or affiliated with EMD. However, GE does represent that its replacement parts, components, subsystems and services are compatible with and usable on EMD locomotives and engines.

GE parts catalogs are shipped with your new GE Diesel engine purchase. Parts catalogs can also be viewed online and are tailored to each individual customers engine. 

GE is the largest supplier of EMD* compatible products and components for the Marine and Stationary industries. All competitive products are of the highest quality and designed with enhanced features that are only available through GE. This makes GE Competitive products the premier choice of the industry. 

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