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ShipperConnect™ Software

ShipperConnect software helps industrial rail shippers automate rail operations, obtain shipment visibility and manage transportation assets and inventory. ShipperConnect software incorporates railcar event data from more than 550 railroads across North America and provides industrial shippers with tools to manage transportation assets, inventory levels and complex rail supply chain networks. Shipment management capabilities include asset and inventory visibility, shipment planning and execution, rail operations management, inventory management and shipment scheduling optimization.

ShipperConnect Rail Track & Trace

Get the intelligence you need to keep your operations on track. 

ShipperConnect Rail Track & Trace is all about visibility – offering a real-time look into rail assets to automate rail operations, and enhance supply chain communications and transport.  Integrating railcar event data and business intelligence reporting from hundreds of railroads, you get the most up-to-date information about, and can take better control of, your transportation assets and inventory. 

The Result? Reduced delays and variability.  Improved railcar processing.  Simplified rail planning and execution.  And increased productivity across your entire operation. 

ShipperConnect Demurrage Management

Drive down the excess costs of demurrage.

ShipperConnect Demurrage Management extends railcar visibility – monitoring, capturing, and aggregating switch events – offering shippers an all-inclusive view of demurrage, storage and detention records.  Tariff rules are applied and charges immediately calculated.  Using business intelligence, ShipperConnect Demurrage Management generates cost reports to audit invoices and ensure railroad billings are 100% accurate. 

The Result? Fewer manual processes.  Greater productivity.  And increased demurrage billing accuracy every time.

ShipperConnect Transload Management

See your productivity improve with enhanced inventory-on-rail visibility.

ShipperConnect Transload Management gives bulk terminal managers the visibility they need to control inventory movements – inbound, outbound or on-site.  A powerful bulk terminal management software solution, Transload Management provides a single source of product-in-transit information across one or multiple facilities, communicating in real time and automating workflow to more efficiently fulfill customer orders. 

The Result? Better railcar and shipment visibility.  Reduced inventory shrinkage. And maximum productivity.  

ShipperConnect Yard Management

Connect with a superior yard management solution

Synchronize your entire industrial yard operation with ShipperConnnect Yard Management.  With greater inbound and outbound railcar and inventory visibility, and the option to fully integrate with GE’s Transportation Management System to interface directly with the serving railroad system – you can maximize throughput and productivity, and reduce the risk of delay, loss or contamination.

The Result?

Optimal transportation plans.  Better handoffs.  Maximized railcar loadings and on-time order fulfillment.  

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