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RailConnect System

  • The RailConnectTM System is the leading software offering for mission-critical rail transportation management including rail operations control, revenue settlement and car hire accounting.

    More than 450 railroads across North America rely on RailConnect every day to manage their railroad operations, eliminate manual processing, improve information flow, increase productivity and reduce costs.

    RailConnect supports a railroad’s daily operations and drives bottom-line productivity through three highly integrated modules – Transportation Management System (TMS), Revenue Management System (RMS) and Equipment Management System (EMS) – each delivering robust software capabilities to automate operations.

    SaaS Delivery

    RailConnect is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a reliable, redundant and secure system and avoiding costly investment in technology and infrastructure.

    Advanced Analytics

    RailConnect includes Advanced Analytics, a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) offering designed to provide business insights, support decision-making, and drive business performance.

  • Get proactive information that powers new levels of productivity

    A core operating and communication system for railroads, RailConnectTM Transportation Management System (TMS) automates all aspects of train and switching operations and provides high visibility over all rail assets.

    TMS system allows users to plan workflows, generate work orders and facilitate seamless interchange of rail traffic between multiple railways.

    The result? Reduced manual errors. Lower costs. Improvement in productivity. And a better customer experience at every level.

    With 450+ installations across North America, TMS system is used and trusted by 95% of short line and regional railroads that choose a 3rd party provider. It manages over 8M+ carloads and 50B bytes of EDI data annually.

    Key Features:

    • Car and train scheduling: Builds railcar and train schedules and measures performance against the plan.
    • Waybill control: Manages all aspects of railcar billing.
    • Crew work order generation: Generates work orders for train crews based on railroad transportation plans.
    • Automatic events: Powerful set of automated movements for Loading/Unloading, Inspections, Notifications, Placements, & Releases.
    • Advanced blocking: Powerful set of "Blocking" Rules Table to automatically classify and block cars as they are received or delivered and move over the Railroad infrastructure.
    • Advanced graphical interface: Supports the visual management of rail yard and rail operations.
    • TMS 2.0 - New, enhanced release: New, user-friendly interface, intuitive menus and pick lists, time saving key functions, automatic report generation and distribution.
    • Mobile TMS - mCrew: Allows train crews to manage, record and report car movements in the field when and where the work occurs. Integrated with TMS for real-time updates.
    • TMS Advanced Analytics (TMAA): Powerful business intelligence to drive business performance.
    • SaaS delivery: Avoids costly investment in technology and infrastructure.

    Customer Testimonials

    2014 Fast Track Award Winner: New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA)

    Click here to discover how NYA utilized Revenue Management Advanced Analytics (RMAA) to reduce time required to reconcile report data between revenue sources by 99%, reduce manual reporting processes by 80%, and reduce accounting efforts by 50%.

    2014 Fast Track Award Winner: RJ Corman

    Click here to learn how R.J. Corman reduced errors in rates by 99%, and increased monthly revenue up to $1500 per month with automated switching rules, solving their logistical challenges with RailConnect andCar Hire products. 

  • Keep your business on track with optimized revenue management

    RailConnect™ Revenue Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive railroad accounting system that fully automates the rating process and optimizes revenue management performance.  Integrating seamlessly with the industry standard Interline Settlement System® (ISS), RMS features a powerful rating engine and rate database that successfully manages the settlement of freight revenue between railroads.

    The result? Streamlined accounting processes.  Reduced costs. Improved cash flow. Greater revenue recognition. And enhanced efficiency and productivity across the board.

    90% of all ISS railroads process settlements using RMS.

    Key Features: 

    • Rate database management: Powerful rating engine that automatically computes rates and divisions based on waybills received from TMS.

    • Automated rating of waybills: Eliminates manual rating of waybills, resulting in more efficient allocations of work.

    • Waybill management/Revenue protection: Ensure that all waybills traced have an associated revenue value related to the movement of the wagon.

    • Freight invoicing: Automate printing and transmission of invoices to customers.

    • EDI compliance: Seamless interface to the industry's Rate EDI network (REN) that allows all new rates and rate modifications to be received automatically.

    • RMS Advanced Analytics (RMAA): Powerful business intelligence to drive business performance.

  • Simplify Car Hire Accounting with the system best equipped for your business.

    RailConnectTM Equipment Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive car hire accounting system that manages car hire payables and receivables between car users and owners. EMS system automates car hire processing and provides a thorough audit of monthly car hire earnings and produces claims where shortages are detected.

    The result? Less paperwork and human error. Efficient and accurate invoicing. And the ability to make better decisions to reduce car liability.

    Key Features:

    • Car hire payable: Automates car hire processing to determine the amount due to or claims against car owners.

    • Car hire receiveable: Provides a thorough audit of monthly car hire earnings and produces claims where shortages are detected.

    • Reclaim processing management: Full application of reclaim adjustment.

    • Car hire payable managed services: Managed car hire audit services available.

    • Advanced Analytics: Powerful business intelligence to drive business performance.

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