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LOCOTROL® Distributed Power System


Optimize the distribution of motive power and brake control within an entire train.

LOCOTROL® Distributed Power (DP) System is a proven control and communication system that enables coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives – for faster stopping times, shorter stopping distances, and reduction in train separations or “break-in-two’s.”

LOCOTROL® allows a single operator to control multiple sets of locomotives in the same train

  • Operator is located in the lead locomotive in the lead consist of locomotives
  • Each consist within the train can have multiple locomotives
  • Operator’s commands are sent to remote locomotives via a secure wireless communications link

The result? Increased hauling capacity. Increased system throughput. And efficient train handling 

Key benefits of DP trains (over conventional trains): 

  • Reduced coupler/draw Bar Forces – Draw bar forces are distributed throughout the train enabling longer and heavier trains
  • Reduced stopping distance/time - Brake pipe pressure reduction is from the lead and remote units simultaneously, and car brakes apply in multiple locations
  • Efficient train handling - Distributed locomotives reduce in train forces. Operators have the ability to independently control consists to optimize train handling in undulating territory
  • Reduced rail and wheel wear - Reduces the pressure on the inside rail and in some cases push forces exerts pressure on the outside rail, improving fuel efficiency and reducing wear

Customer Value Summary:

  • 22% reduction in stopping time
  • 30% reduction in stopping distance
  • 60% reduction in brake pipe charging/release time
  • 90% reduction experienced in “break-in two’s”
  • 12% reduction in cycle run time on a 48-hour revenue run
  • Fuel economy savings
  • Improved traffic throughput
  • Reduced terminal congestion
  • Efficient train handling

Other benefits:

  • 50+ years of operation with installed base of 17,000+ units
  • Variety of proven applications, experience around the world – eight locomotive OEM types along with various air brake and radio types
  • Integration with Locomotive Smart Display and CCBII

Other LOCOTROL Solutions:

  • Tower control - Enables load out or dumper operators to remotely control trains
  • EOT/HOT repeating - Leverages radio link between locomotives to enhance EOT/HOT performance in long trains
  • Remote Control Locomotive (RCL) - Remote Control of heavy haul locomotive in rail yard or main line operations
  • LOCOTROL XA - The next generation LOCOTROLTM System is an ethernet-based (networked) system that can host both DP and RCL on the same processor module. It features additional communications (220MHz/cell/Wi-Fi), over the air software updates and more.





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