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RMI Announces Sixth Annual FastTrack Award Winners

ATLANTA – RMI, the largest independent provider of rail information services to the transportation industry, has announced its 2011 FastTrack Award winners. Now in its sixth year, the FastTrack Award program honors RMI customers who exemplify RMI’s goal to streamline processes and improve procedures. This year’s award recipients are recognized in the 2011 FastTrack calendar.

The FastTrack Awards program is designed to recognize RMI's power users -- those railroads, shippers, leasing companies, and others who maximize the value of our services by implementing procedures that result in more comprehensive automation of manual processes, improved information capture and reporting, greater accounting control, enhanced asset management, or more efficient processes in any capacity.

2011 FastTrack Award Winners

  • Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railroad (BRG) uses RailConnect TMS and ExpressYard® to automate rail operations and increase efficiency. RailConnect TMS increased BRG’s Train II event reporting to 96% and increased interchange reporting accuracy to 99%. ExpressYard increased BRG’s car repair billing accuracy to 97% and eliminated duplicate billing.
  • Canton Railroad (CTN) engaged RMI Value Delivery to implement RailConnect TMS best practices, improve operations, and increase management efficiency. In just one week, RMI rebuilt all CTN master files to make use of many new RailConnect TMS features and operating enhancements. CTN implemented ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface to provide customers with visibility on inbound railcars and automate railcar releases.
  • Carload Express uses RailConnect TMS to operate and automate the Allegheny Valley Railroad (AVR), Camp Chase Railroad (CCRA), and Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP). RailConnect TMS automates blocking tables for the majority of inbound interchanges and applies repetitive waybill codes with 100% accuracy. Nearly 95% of Carload Express customers use ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface to automate railcar releases, improve customer accountability, and reduce demurrage charges.
  • Genesee & Wyoming moved the Georgia Southwestern Railroad (GSWR) to RailConnect TMS to automate operations and eliminate many manual and repetitive tasks. GSWR implemented ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface for customer communications and RailConnect mCrew for remote crew reporting. Over 90% of all GSWR carloads are automatically rated.
  • Katoen Natie Gulf Coast (KTN) increased operational capacity, efficiency, and productivity with RailConnect TMS. KTN improved quality of service for its customers by providing real time data and visibility on planned rail movements. With RailConnect TMS, KTN improved rail operations, reduced infrastructure spending, and lowered operating costs by more than $100,000 in 2010.
  • Indiana Eastern Railroad (IERR) uses ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface and e-BOL to automate communications and reduce manual processing. RailConnect TMS helps IERR generate timely and accurate reports for its customers and has reduced administrative operating costs by morethan 60%. Today nearly 90% of IERR customers use ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface and e- BOL.
  • Iowa Interstate Railroad (IAIS) uses RailConnect TMS, Revenue Management System, and Cash Application to manage and reduce operating costs. IAIS uses ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface to automate customer communications and deliver more than 70 daily reports. ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface helped IAIS reduce fax and email messages from 350 per month to less than 20, saving approximately 25 labor hours per month.
  • Massachusetts Coastal Railroad (MC) relied on RMI’s Value Delivery team for a seamless integration of 32 miles of new track. RMI helped MC implement automated switch lists and capture real time train movements. ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface automates railcar releases and gives MC customers a real time view of the new railroad.
  • Modesto and Empire Traction Company (MET) uses RailConnect TMS to accurately manage railcar storage, which reduced dwell time by 16% and manual processing by 60%. RailConnect TMS automates blocking tables and 100% of MET railcars are automatically assigned repetitive waybill codes. RailConnect TMS has helped MET increase Train II reporting accuracy to over 90%.
  • The Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA) has worked with RMI to improve Car Scheduling in RailConnect TMS. PTRA is now able to schedule cars as needed, reduce unnecessary data, and greatly improve data quality. PTRA has improved “on time” delivery of outbound traffic and achieved a 97% right train, right day ratio with the Class I carriers.
  • RailAmerica’s New England Central Railroad (NECR) uses RailConnect TMS, RailConnect mCrew, and ShipperConnect Rail Carrier Interface. RMI has helped NECR increase operating efficiency and improve communication between customer service, train crews, and customers. NECR uses RailConnect TMS to automatically rate over 80% of all railcars, and RailConnect mCrew captures more than 65% of all railcar movement in the field, in near real time.
  • Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Railroad (TMBL) uses RailConnect Car Hire Management to analyze monthly reclaim and demurrage billing, reduce errors, and streamline car hire auditing. RailConnect TMS helped TMBL automate status change reports for bad order railcars and reduce customer inquiries by 80%. RMI helped TMBL implement best practices for Service and Charge Code management and reduce errors by 100%.

Choices for the Fast-Track awards are based on several criteria. To be considered, a company has to show how they have maximized the use of RMI solutions to improve their productivity.

Interested in being considered for the 2012 FastTrack Awards? Contact Jennie Baker at 404-350-6471 or for more information on the criteria, nomination process, and application. For additional information, please visit

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RMI is the largest independent provider of comprehensive rail information services to the transportation industry. Founded in 1979, RMI leverages in-depth knowledge of rail operations, intermodal terminal operating systems, and multi-modal transportation management to provide Software and Service and licensed solutions to railroads, ports and terminals, and industrial shippers and logistics service providers. RMI’s software is used to manage rail and intermodal operations, signal and communication assets, railcar repair billing and inventory, and end-to- end multi-modal visibility, planning, and execution for industrial shippers and logistics service providers. RMI is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group. For more information about RMI software and services please visit


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