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RMI Announces RailDOCS® Hours of Service

Atlanta, GA – RMI, the largest independent provider of Transportation Management Software and comprehensive information services to the railroad industry, has announced the release of RailDOCS Hours of Service, a new web-based software product to help railroads manage employee hours and comply with federal and railroad requirements.

RailDOCS Hours of Service allows for quick and efficient recording of employee work hours and provides real-time visibility on employee rest status and availability. RailDOCS Hours of Service complies with federal regulation 49CFR228, which limits consecutive work hours and mandates undisturbed rest periods, and it provides an effective tool to help railroads manage “human fatigue” – one of the National Transportation Safety Board’s most critical safety issues.

RailDOCS Hours of Service meets the regulatory requirements for electronic signature and record keeping, and it offers railroad employees two ways to report service hours - online or via an interactive voice response system. Hours of Service provides tools that support access to service records by the FRA and state inspectors, and eliminates the need for a railroad to file excess monthly service reports once record keeping of employee hours is fully electronic.

Martin Paget, RMI Vice President for RailDOCS, said “Hours of Service allows railroad employees to easily enter and track their time, and provides managers with immediate visibility on the availability of their staff. This exciting new product is just one more way that RMI can help the industry address critical safety issues, such as human fatigue, and help railroads provide a safe operating environment for their employees.”

Hours of Service can be deployed as a stand-alone product or integrated with RMI’s RailDOCS suite of software. RailDOCS replaces traditional configuration management and communication methods with a single, integrated software application and mobile connectivity to help users easily navigate vast amounts of data and make real time decisions.

About RMI

RMI is the largest independent provider of Transportation Management Software and comprehensive information services to railroad industry. Founded in 1979, RMI leverages in- depth knowledge of rail operations, intermodal terminal operating systems, and multi-modal transportation management to provide Software and Service and licensed solutions to railroads and industrial shippers. RMI’s software is used to manage rail and intermodal operations, signal and communication assets, railcar repair billing and inventory, and multi-modal visibility, planning, and execution for industrial shippers and logistics service providers. RMI is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group. For more information about RMI software and services please visit


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