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Intelligent Transportation Solutions Continues to Expand its Product Line

RailConnect Transportation Management System's (TMS) new user-friendly interface for TMS features intuitive menus and pick lists for easy navigation and time-saving custom quick links to regularly used tools and report automation.  Connectivity is available from multiple browsers and devices. TMS is used by 450 railroads for mission-critical transportation management.
Revenue Management Advanced Analytics is a business intelligence offering designed to help railroad accounting and management personnel work more effectively, improve decision making, and optimize revenue management performance. Revenue Management Advanced Analytics leverages real-time revenue data and powerful business intelligence to support faster and better decisions.
ShipperConnect Yard Management offers graphical representations of facilities, track layout, and customized process flows to significantly improve the process of managing rail cars within a plant.  With a single click, users can view details on shipments, move rail cars within their plants, and view the cars in transit as well as load, unload or transfer product in piles, silos, bins, or containers.
RailDOCS Bridge Inspections application assists in compliance with federal regulation 49 CFR parts 213 and 237 for bridge safety standards.  Application features include information about individual bridges, the engineering staff that performs the inspection, and a tailored bridge plan.  The application also records inspections and supporting information like photographs and test results.


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