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GE Transportation's PowerHaul Series Locomotives Expands Footprints to Deliver Best-in-Class Haulage and Fuel Economy Worldwide

Erie, Pa.USA -– GE Transportation’s (NYSE: GE) PowerHaul Series Locomotive is delivering best-in-class haulage and fuel efficiency as well as compliance with the latest regional emissions standards. Since its debut in the United Kingdom in 2009, the PowerHaul Series Locomotive has expanded its global presence tocontinental Europe and beyond to Asia and Australia.

The PowerHaul Series Locomotive was developed in response to the global rail industry’s needs. GE’smost technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and low-emissions diesel-electric freight locomotive represents an important step towards it svision of cleaner, more efficient railroad technologies. 

“GE continues to demonstrate innovation and flexibility in providing advanced locomotive technology that can be adapted to local needs,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, President and CEO of GE Transportation. “This is the latest example of how we are helping to solve the world’s toughest rail challenges with technology, sustainability, and globalization.”

Leading technology

Designed for high pulling power to support lighter axle-load applications, the PowerHaul Locomotive is engineered to generate more horsepower and tractive effort with a V-16, twin turbo 3,700-GHPor 2,750 kWengine, 6 axles and advanced AC traction system, and dynamic braking. A product of ecomagination, GE’s commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions for today’s environmental challenges, the locomotive also reduces fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 9% compared to current operating fleet averages.

Global platform, global partnerships

As a global company, GE focusesonproducingproducts and services that adapt to regional needs around the world.The PowerHaulLocomotive was originally developed to meet the transportation challenges of UK and European railroads. But with its flexible platform and performance benefits, the PowerHaul Locomotive now delivers both superior life-cycle cost benefits and regional customization to customers worldwide. 

In the UK, seeking to increase both locomotive power and capacity on the congested freight network, Freightliner Group Ltd. wanted high-performing, cost-efficient, long-haul locomotives that would deliver better environmental performance. In 2009, Freightliner added the PowerHaul Locomotive to its fleet, introducing GE’s advanced technology to the UK market. This Class 70 locomotive has providedsignificant haulage benefits to Freightlinerthat can be used on many routes compared to other diesel models in the fleet, andcan haul a 1,900-ton trailing load compared to the 1,200-ton limit of its other locomotives.Freightliner hasalso extended train lengths in intermodal services by up to 25% with the deployment of this locomotive.

In Australia, GE partnered with UGL Limited, the largest builder and maintainer of rail rolling stock in Australia, to adapt the PowerHaul Locomotive to meet the heavy-haul and high-speed requirements across Queensland and western Australia’s narrow-gauge rail network.

In South Korea, the partnerships continued in 2011 with GE Transportation and Hyundai-Rotem being awarded a 25 locomotive contract with KORAIL, South Korea’s nationalrailway. This PowerHaul Locomotive’s design complies with bothEuropean and South Korean standards, including emissions and crashworthiness.

In Turkey the PowerHaul Locomotive is strengthening GE’s portfolio for the NorthAfrica and Middle East regions through its partnership with TÜLOMSAŞ.In 2012, GE Transportation and TÜLOMSAŞintroduced the first PowerHaul Locomotive to be assembled in Turkey that will serve customers and help create and sustain jobs across the region.

About GE Transportation

GE Transportation, a unit of GE (NYSE: GE), solves the world’s toughest transportation challenges.GE Transportation builds equipment that moves the rail, mining and marine industries. Our fuel-efficient and lower-emissions freight and passenger locomotives, diesel engines for rail, marine and stationary power applications, signaling and software solutions, drive systems for mining trucks, underground mining equipment, energy storage systems, and value-added services help customers grow. GE Transportation employs approximately 12,000 employees worldwide.


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