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GE Transportation Showcases RailConnect 360 Software Solutions and Tempo Computer Based Interlocking at RSSI 2014

Nashville – May 22, 2013 – The latest signaling and software technologies from GE Transportation, a global provider of innovative products and services, are on display at Railway Systems Suppliers Inc.  54th C&S Exhibition (RSSI) through May 22nd in booth 965. These technologies are helping deliver valuable outcomes to our customers including reduced dwell time and improved productivity, safety, reliability, fuel savings and velocity.

RailConnect™ 360 Software Offerings

Several software offerings that are included in the RailConnect 360 suite are on display at RSSI.  These include Movement Planner System, Trip Optimizer, Yard Planner System and RailDOCS Wayside Asset Management System.  These solutions provide railroads with data-driven insights to optimize a railroad’s assets, network and operations. RailConnect 360 will leverage GE’s Predix platform that uses advanced software, powerful analytics and mobility to enable better decisions and improve outcomes along the entire rail enterprise.

Movement Planner System is a breakthrough technology that provides real-time traffic planning and network optimization enabling more locomotives to run on the same railroad at faster speeds and with greater efficiency — without laying new track. Currently installed at Norfolk Southern, the system has resulted in a 10% increase in network velocity, 50% reduction in expired crews and significant improvement in on-time performance in key Georgia division corridors.

Trip Optimizer is a cruise control system for trains that optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train’s makeup and route. It eliminates driver-to-driver variations in fuel use. The system calculates optimal fuel plan by considering various factors such as train length, weight, grade and track conditions using data from various sources: on-board track topography map, GPS signals, train weight, length and configuration and complex train handling algorithms. Customers have seen fuel savings of 3 to 17 percent, depending on the type of train service and track topography.

Yard Planner System is an advanced software solution designed to optimize the operation of a rail classification yard. The system generates a yard-level car processing plan that provides a detailed schedule, including time and resources, for the movement and processing of each car. Currently under joint development with Norfolk Southern, Yard Planner helps trainmasters and yardmasters visualize yard status and plan the yard activities to maximize on-time departure performance, car connection performance and reduce unnecessary car dwell time.

RailDOCS Wayside Asset Management System is an integrated suite of software solutions that enables planning, managing and optimizing the daily operations of railroad maintenance departments. RailDOCS is used to maintain and configure assets on location in the field and complete timely tests and inspections to comply with federal and railroad requirements.

Tempo Computer Based Interlocking (CBI)

Tempo Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) is also on display at RSSI. Tempo CBI allows urban transit and mainline operators to address their operational and service challenges and needs, ranging from revenue service availability and energy consumption to reducing life-cycle costs.

Suitable for small or large implementations, Tempo Interlocking Solution is a scalable interlocking solution supporting both centralized and distributed architectures to best meet installation and performance requirements. The solution supports a wide range of interfaces to wayside equipment.

Tempo™ Computer Based Interlocking is one solution of the GE Transportation’s Tempo signaling and automatic train control solutions portfolio. Designed around a common fail-safe, scalable platform and leveraging an integrated suite of engineering tools, Tempo systems provide integrated and modular solutions, flexible to implement and evolve and which support next generation maintenance and asset management features simplifying rail service operations and increasing their efficiency overall.

On May 5th, GE Transportation was selected by Singapore’s Land Transit Authority to supply the Tempo Computer-Based Interlocking (CBI) systems with the Tempo Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) solution as part of a contract which also includes the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the signaling system and platform screen doors. The deal was valued at US$ 126 million (SGD$ 159 million). The project will be rolled out in three phases starting in 2019.   

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