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GE Transportation Showcases Rail Software Technology at the Annual ASLRRA 2014 Meeting

The following breakthrough RailConnect™ 360 technologies are featured at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) annual trade show in booth 502: New, web-enabled RailConnect Transportation Management System (TMS) to increase operational efficiencies Enhanced mCrew mobile TMS application to improve crew productivity New RailConnect Revenue Management Advanced Analytics (RMAA) offering to optimize revenue management New cloud-based RailDOCS Bridge Structure Inspection application to improve bridge safety standard compliance RailDOCS Hours of Service software expanded to allow electronic record keeping for dispatch and train crew employees SAN DIEGO – April 23, 2014 – GE Transportation (NYSE: GE), a global provider of innovative rail products and services, will feature its latest industrial rail software enhancements, part of the RailConnect™ 360 product suite, at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) show April 23 – 25. RailConnect™ 360 utilizes leading industrial technology to unite the rail ecosystem and provide increased visibility into railroad business operations. RailConnect ™ 360 provides railroads with data-driven insights to improve the reliability and availability of their assets and to optimize their operations and reduce life cycle costs. It is a customizable and connected enterprise solution that impacts the entire rail supply chain, including rail shippers. GE’s latest technologies are helping drive productivity and create sustainable outcomes for customers. These technologies help solve complex rail challenges while also reducing operating costs, improving business decisions, and managing and maintaining assets. RailConnect Transportation Management System (TMS) is now available as a web-enabled application with a new user-friendly interface, intuitive menus, quick links and time-saving key functions designed to further increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. TMS is currently used by 466 railroad companies for their mission-critical transportation management. RailConnect mCrew mobile TMS application is enhanced to include work order functionality and device-agnostic mobile hardware to further increase crew productivity while providing cost-effective communication. This puts the power of RailConnect TMS directly in the hands of the train crew to manage, record and report car movements in the field – when and where the work occurs. RailConnect Revenue Management Advanced Analytics (RMAA) is a powerful business intelligence offering designed to help railroad accounting and management personnel work more effectively, improve decision making, and optimize revenue management performance. RMAA leverages real-time revenue data and powerful business intelligence to support faster and better decisions. RailDOCS Bridge Structure Inspections supports railroad compliance with federal regulation 49 CFR part 237 for bridge safety standards by electronically implementing the Bridge Management Plan (BMP) required for each bridge structure, including span details, load rating, engineering responsibilities and qualifications, as well as recording all test and inspection results and maintenance activities. RailDOCS Hours of Service System is an electronic record-keeping system that is used to record hours worked, hours rested and type of activity conducted for signal maintenance, dispatch and train crew employees. Accessible from any internet-connected computer, the system complies with federal regulation 49 CFRP Part 228 and can be adapted to meet other regulatory or customer-based compliance requirements.


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