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Fast Track Awards 2014

The Fast Track Award is a way for GE Transportation to honor an elite group of customers who are leaders in the rail industry and have excelled in the marketplace with the use of our software and solutions to drive innovation and operating excellence.

In its 9th year, the Fast Track Award continues to recognize GE customers - railroads, rail shippers, terminal operators and logistics service providers who have raised the standard for rail industry software innovation and excellence in the use of GE software and solutions to drive automation and increase productivity.

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: Ferrovalle

Click here to see how Ferrovalle attained a balanced scorecard 100% of the time, and reduced operating costs and Car Hire expenses by 20% with RailConnect, Car Hire and BI to analyze data analysis and customize reports.

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: Portland & Western Railroad (PNWR) - Genesee & Wyoming

Click here to see how PNWR used RailConnect and ShipperConnect products to automate over 94% of their monthly moves, increase automated releases by 88%, and automate loads by 82%.

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA)

Click here to discover how NYA utilized Revenue Management Advanced Analytics (RMAA) to reduce time required to reconcile report data between revenue sources by 99%, reduce manual reporting processes by 80%, and reduce accounting efforts by 50%.

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: Hi-Crush

Click here to learn how Hi-Crush used ShipperConnect products to reduce demurrage invoicing time by 75%, and decrease in demurrage costs 40%, managing the gap between order placement and fulfillment.  

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: Iron Horse Logistics Services Corporation (IHLS)

Click here to discover how IHLS used a suit of ShipperConnect products to improve customer service and increase customer service responsiveness by 50%.

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: PanAm Railway (PAR)

Click here to learn how PAR identified and corrected over $3.5 million in unreclaimed and incorrectly rated Car Hire and reduced month-end close from 2-3 days to 2 hours using RailConnect and ShipperConnect.

2014 Fast Track Award Winner: RJ Corman

Click here to learn how R.J. Corman reduced errors in rates by 99%, and increased monthly revenue up to $1500 per month with automated switching rules, solving their logistical challenges with RailConnect and Car Hire products. 


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