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GE F330 Continuous Miner


GE’s mining systems are the only ones in the world that mine coal selectively by cutting and loading low-ash coal on the first swing. Without resetting the miner, you’re able to cut and load rock coal on the second swing. Selective mining capabilities make it possible for you to mine more seams profitably with preparation beginning at the mine face.

The F330 continuous miner is center-placed with true wethead shearers allowing room for air to sweep across the face and dilute dust or methane. The result is lower out-of-seam dilutions under the harshest conditions, which reduce your maintenance costs and improve your bottom line.

Key Features

  • Center place, articulated, full-face miner equipped with stub boom
  • 36-ton center place, full-face miner
  • Proven ability to produce higher percentages of Stoker Product
  • Proven planetary/helical cutter gearing
  • Extremely low ground pressure
  • Heavy-duty construction for hard cutting
  • Remote control capabilities
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