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200 AC Drive Systems

  • 200 AC Drive System with IGBT Controls Delivers Peak Productivity

    Using advanced AC propulsion technology, the world leader in drive systems for off-highway vehicles has created a new standard for the 200-ton haul truck class. The GE200AC™ drive system, with high-power, air-cooled IGBT controls, outperforms similar-sized DC and mechanical systems, delivering higher sustained speed on grade and continuous retarding to near zero speed.

  • Alternator


    Motorized Wheel


    AC Control Group


    Dynamic Retarding Assembly



    Truck Specifications



    Gross Vehicle Weight Capacity

    740,000 lbs (335,664 kg)

    Payload Capacity

    400,000 lbs (181,440 kg)


    up to 2,500 gross hp (1,864 kw)

    Tires Size

    40.00 R57

    Max Truck Speed

    40 mph (64 km/hr)


    Applications Parameters

    Contin. Motoring Equiv. Grade

    12% cont.

    Altitude (above see level)

    12,000 feet @ 33C with no deration

    Maximum Ambient Temperature

    55C @ 750 feet



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