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PowerHaul Series Locomotive


For more than a century, GE Transportation has delivered powerful locomotives that can operate in the world’s most challenging railway environments. For today’s global rail industry, PowerHaul Series Locomotives offer superior technology and performance that set the standard.

Global medium weight platform with the flexibility to meet local needs.

PowerHaul is one of GE Transportation’s most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and low-emissions diesel-electric freight locomotives.

Watch our customers talk about how PowerHaul has impacted their operations:

The Case for PowerHaul: 

Operating on the congested UK freight network, leading rail freight services provider, Freightliner Group, Ltd. wanted to increase both capacity and locomotive power. Specifically, they sought high performing, cost-efficient long-haul locomotives that would deliver better environmental performance along with long-lasting ruggedness and reliability.

The result: 

With cost-effective and flexible fueling platforms, the NextFuel Natural Gas Retrofit Kit delivers superior efficiencies for the next generation of locomotive power.

Optimized Outcomes

  • Best-in-class haulage
  • Significant fuel savings compared to competitive locomotives currently in use and others in its class
  • Ability to comply with stringent local regulatory standards
  • Flexible global platforms allowing customization for a wide range of markets

Capability and Features

  • Greater hauling capability with AC traction technology with individual axle control
  • Incorporates advanced common- rail fuel injection and turbocharger technology
  • Optimized engine with greater fuel efficiency while maintaining low NOx
  • Dynamic breaking provides smoother handling when hauling heavier loads
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed cab with unobstructed front windscreen



The PH37ACai locomotive is the top performing locomotive designed to operate in Germany and Turkey. The design is compliant with European standards. Equipped with a technologically advanced 16-cylinder 3,688 HP GE P616 engine with common-rail fuel injection, the PH37ACai locomotive can achieve maximum power output with best-in-class fuel efficiency. Thanks to AC traction control technology and individual axle control, the PH37ACai locomotive has excellent reliability and unmatched tractive effort in its class. GE works with our build partners in Turkey to manufacture the final locomotive.

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The PH37ACmi is a dual operator cab, 6-axle locomotive designed to meet United Kingdom regulations. The locomotive features the technologically advanced 16-cylinder 3,700 HP GE P616 engine and inverter driven auxiliaries that enables best in class fuel economy while meeting stringent EUIIIA emissions regulations. Traction performance is achieved with one inverter per axle delivering industry leading tractive effort and adhesion. The car body has outside walkways and ergonomically designed operator cabs all integrated to achieve the latest in crew comfort and safety.

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