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Power Doctor


GE Transportation is at your side, fielding calls from operators and enabling informed decision-making for consistent building, train dispatching, dynamic routing and shop planning based on locomotive condition-based insights. Leveraging Expert on Alert tools, a mobile platform for connecting to experts at your facility and GE Transportation’s Monitoring Center, RailConnect 360 Power Doctor can reduce over the road failures and train delays ensuring on time delivery.

RailConnect 360 Power Doctor uses live status and performance information, GPS location, weather and geography data to empower the Help Desk in advising locomotive operators and transportation departments.

RailConnect 360 Power Doctor offers customized planning alerts and action recommendations to drive proactive decision-making, optimizing assets and operations. Asset health check, locomotive condition monitoring and location tracking all enable dynamic planning for fuel fill events and the ability to make locomotive recover and planning en route. The real-time troubleshooting and recovery with customized recommendations for your operations is one of RailConnect 360 Power Doctor’s biggest benefits.

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