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Monitoring & Diagnostics


Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) provides comprehensive support to the Maintenance and Transportation departments on the health, maintenance and repairs of your fleet of locomotive. GE Transportation’s M&D is deployed in approximately 100 maintenance facilities worldwide and a significant number of locomotives.

In addition to providing locomotive status and performance information, our suite of M&D products enable advance planning of resources and materials, informed decision making in regards to allocating, running and routing locomotive assets, predictive maintenance as well as accurate and measurable repairs at the shop.

Monitoring & Diagnostics covers:


From engines 
to turbos 
to power
 assemblies and
 fuel pumps, GE Transportation’s M&D understands engine health, repair needs and total performance.


GE Transportation M&D monitors third party onboard electronic components. The information provides insight into locomotive and train health.


Visibility is 
kept across 
the locomotive 
cooling system
 and components. 
Water level alerts and blower management is monitored.


M&D understands locomotive system and subsystem controls and interactions. The system troubleshoots the component and not the symptom.


M&D provides 
insight into 
traction system
 health. From AC
 to DC to tractions
 motors and components, understanding performance in changing operating conditions and support needs is critical.


M&D’s advanced
across the
 whole propulsion 
system advises recommendations for system health. Viewable proactive recommendations help to prevent failures in dynamic grid health and alternator loading.

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