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AC4400 and DASH Series of Locomotives



Since its introduction more than a decade ago, GE’s AC4400 locomotive has been proving its reliability and productivity in heavy-haul freight applications. Today, thousands of AC4400 units are operating dependably around the world.


Powering the locomotive model is GE’s 7FDL™ engine, a medium-speed turbo-diesel engine designed to meet the unique demands of locomotive duty. Electronic fuel injection and split cooling promote fuel savings, reduce emissions and lower maintenance costs.

Traction System

Computer-controlled inverters—one per axle—regulate the AC traction motors. This individual axle control assures maximum tractive effort, independent of wheel diameter variation, offering reliable adhesion in all-weather conditions.

Control Capabilities

Microprocessor controls in the AC4400 integrate a range of operator interfaces for improved productivity.




The AC44i locomotive is a heavy-haul locomotive specifically designed for the South American market. Equipped with 16-cylinder GE FDL 16 engine, the AC44i can deliver up to 4,500 HP while helping to keep fuel consumption and emissions to a minimum. Thanks to its advanced AC individual axle traction control technology and high-performance dynamic braking, the AC44i locomotive is designed to safely and reliably deliver maximum traction effort and higher power even in adhesion-limited conditions. The AC44i locomotive not only is capable of excelling on difficult missions, but it is also cost-efficient, as it is designed to have longer maintenance intervals, extended overhaul intervals and higher availability. It is specifically packaged for challenging clearance restrictions common in Brazil.

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DC powered, microprocessor controlled

Built on the successful design of earlier DASH Series models, the GE DASH 9 DC propulsion locomotive continues to be a popular choice for a number of rail customers, offering asset utilization and life cycle cost advantages over older models.

Engine powering the DASH 9 is GE’s 7FDL™, a 16-cylinder, turbocharged engine with proven performance and reliability. Electronic fuel injection and split cooling improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and lower maintenance costs.

Traction System

Equipped with GE's HiAd™ trucks, the DASH 9 combines low-weight transfer characteristics with microprocessor-controlled wheelslip for exceptional locomotive performance.

Control Capabilities

Microprocessor controls link locomotive subsystems, provide quick access to operating data via display screens and support on-board diagnostics.


A DC propulsion mainline locomotive, the DASH 8 is powered by the GE 7FDL™ 16- or 12-cylinder, turbocharged engine. Electronic fuel injection packages offer fuel economy as well as reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs.


A DC propulsion mainline locomotive, the DASH 7 is powered by the 12-cylinder GE 7FDL turbocharged engine and features a performance-proven traction system and speed-based adhesion control with multi-channel LED annunciator panel.

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