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AC Drilling Motor Water Jacket (5GEB1150W)

  • The Ultimate Moisture and Corrosion Protection

    GE’s water-cooled motor is completely enclosed and protected, to IP56 standards, against moisture, insects or dirt from being sucked into the motor—especially in harsh, offshore environments. These elements can cause corrosion, wear down windings, and even shut down the motor.

    A safer more cost-efficient motor, GE’s water-cooled drill motor has no blower. No blower means one less power supply and far less rig noise. Less noise on the rig floor, below OSHA requirements, means a safer environment for those working on the rig.

    Rated at 1150HP, the GE water-cooled motor has a small envelope. And because it cools through the shaft as well as the frame, it maintains the same footprint as our air- cooled models, and can be easily incorporated onto the rig.

    Standard Features

    • 6-pole stator with “form-wound” windings
    • Copper chromium alloy rotor bars
    • Class H insulation, robotically taped, Mica-Kapton system
    • Single or double shaft extensions, high-strength 4130 alloy shaft on drive end
    • Insulated bearing on non-drive end
    • Stainless steel main terminal box is IP56 (Ex e) with bus bar connections for main cable terminations. Terminal box can be specified to be mounted on left “A” side or right “B” side of motor as viewed from non-drive end of motor.  Available in standard, half (as shown above), or compact
    • RTD and heater leads exit the lower window of the frame. The leads can either be terminated in an Ex e Auxiliary box or routed to a remote Auxiliary box
    • Six (6) RTDs, 100 ohm platinum, two per phase embedded in stator slots
    • Cooling System requires 33 gpm at maximum 38°C fresh water cooling (up to 50/50 freshwater/glycol mix), which is split between stator and rotor, 22GPM and 11 gpm respectively, 100psi maximum operating pressure*.
    • Ambient temperature 55°C
    • Tape Heater, 200W total
    • Motor enclosure: Ingress Protection (IP56)
    • Certifications:

                – IECEx, & ATEX Certified Ex de II T4 Gb IP56, de II 2 Gc

                – CSA [both US and Canada] (Optional)

                – ABS Certification

                – DNV (Optional)


     *87-145 psi See operating instructions for additional detail

  • Performance Ratings

    The 5GEB1150WH AC drilling motor is a totally enclosed (IP56), flameproof (Ex d), water-cooled machine.

      Continuous Rating Intermittent Rating (120 sec. on - 90 sec. off)
    Volts (AC) 587 587
    Current (Amps) 1120 1380
    HP (kW) 1150 (858) 1400 (1044)
    Speed @ rated HP (RPM)    
    with 600v (VFD) 800 t0 1300  800
    (with 690v VFD)  800 to 2050 800
    Torque - lb(f) - ft (Nm) 7550 (10240) 9200 (12475)
    Speed @ rated torque (RPM) 0 to 800 0 to 800
    Max speed (RPM) 3000 3000




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