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Safe, reliable performance in the most extreme conditions

Since 1955, GE has been the leading manufacturer of electric motors for the harshest onshore and offshore applications for the oil and gas industry. 


GE’s new water jacket-drilling motor takes safety and reliability to a new level. It’s quieter, flameproof and completely enclosed—perfect for draw works and top drive applications for both on- and offshore drilling.

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    Quiet, reliable and compact, GE’s motors have delivered industry leading technology for more than 50 years


Get a list of GE Transportation's pdf2017 GE's Marine Solutions/Stationary/Drill Active 3rd Parties. A map of their locations can be found pdfhere.

GE shipped the first 752 DC motor for a drilling rig in 1955.  For more than 60 years, GE has provided dependable 752 DC drilling motors for the toughest drilling applications. GE is continuing its tradition of providing high-quality, reliable drilling motors for land and offshore drilling rigs worldwide.

Now for more than 25 years, GE has supplied thousands of AC traction motors for land and offshore drilling rigs worldwide. Offered in both horizontal and vertical configurations, the 1150HP and 1500HP AC motors will meet the most stringent requirements of your drilling equipment. Design features include: heavy-duty frames; form-wound stator windings; high-strength rotor assemblies; and GE’s low-inertia rotor.


Use only genuine GE Drill Motor parts to service your AC and DC drilling motors. Original GE OEM parts ensure the performance you expect from your GE AC and DC drill rig equipment motors. Purchase genuine GE parts from one of the following authorized suppliers:


There are multiple locations for GE Transportation customers to service their drills. 

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