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Train performance improves with GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions software


The third post of a four-part series showcasing GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions dives into our train performance software solutions, including the GoLINCTM platform, LOCOTROL® Distributed Power, Trip Optimizer energy management system and the LocoVISION system.


GE’s train performance solutions provide smarter ways to connect and monitor locomotives and other assets to improve overall performance of these big machines.

It all starts with our new GoLINCTM platform, a product of GE’s investment in the Industrial Internet and PredixTM. GoLINC™ is an industry-tested network, communication and application management platform for the railroad environment. Currently installed on over 6,000 locomotives, GoLINCTM is often referred to as the “brain of the train” and turns a locomotive into a mobile data center providing robust processing, wireless communication, networking, and video and data storage. Newer innovations on the GoLINCTM platform include Data Optimizer, a forward-thinking technology that is defining a new standard in the management of data.



naLOCOTROL® Distributed Power System is a proven control and communication system that allows a single operator to control multiple sets of locomotives in the same train. Distributing locomotives within the train as compared to conventional trains provides several key benefits, including the reduction in coupler and drawbar forces enabling longer and heavier trains thus increasing the train hauling capacity. LOCOTROL has over fifty years of history in the industry and is truly a versatile product that can support eight different locomotive OEMs, various air brakes and radio types.

The next generation LOCOTROL system referred to as LOCOTROL XA is Ethernet-based and features several new capabilities including additional communication options and over-the-air software updates.

Trip Optimizer

Trip Optimizer is an intelligent, fuel-saving cruise control for locomotives that optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train’s make up and the route traveled. The system calculates optimum speed profile by considering such factors as train length, weight and track profile and then automatically controls throttle and dynamic brake according to the plan to provide smooth operation while keeping the train on schedule and minimizing fuel use.

The system is deployed on over 7,000 locomotives and logged over 125 million auto control miles. The fuel savings is in the range of 3-17% with corresponding emissions reduction.


altOur new LocoVISION system is a high-definition video recording system built to survive the harsh locomotive environment. The system helps reduce litigation costs by providing clear, actionable images of incidents. It doesn’t stop there either.  Video analytics enabled by LocoVISION can boost productivity by monitoring in real-time track and wayside assets, providing clear images and timely alerts on the location of incidents and defects.

Ready to optimize your train? Contact the Digital Solutions team at 404-355-6734 or send an email to to get started.

Check back soon for a look at GE Transportation’s solutions for the locomotive, including Expert-on-Alert, Asset Performance Management and Power Advisor.


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