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Meeting the Challenges of Supply Chain Logistics with RailConnect™ 360

Every year Inbound Logistics magazine, a leading trade magazine targeted toward business logistics and supply chain managers, recognizes innovators in information technology.  We are honored that GE Transportation has been named a Top 100 Logistics IT provider for the ninth consecutive year out of over 200 applicants. It validates that we’ve been successful in bringing solutions to the rail industry and inspires us to continue to improve every day.

Inbound Logistics looks for companies whose technologies break new ground with logistics.  For us, that means ShipperConnect.  ShipperConnect is GE’s cloud-based supply chain software designed specifically for rail shippers, railcar owners and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). 


The customers who use ShipperConnect ship bulk commodities like oil, coal, sand, and grain using rail.  Thanks to ShipperConnect, railcar shipments are visible at the plant, in-transit and at destination to help make better planning, scheduling and forecasting decisions. While rail is extremely cost effective in transporting these commodities, it also has its challenges due to the complexity of today’s supply chain.  It requires management of multiple products, customers, large geographic areas, and different transportation modes. In fact according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) 2012 State of Logistics Report, $114 billion is spent by U.S. companies on rail logistics, and $42 billion of that is spent on administrative, overhead and inventory carrying costs.  Our customers are hungry for ways to simplify the way their businesses run, and we have an award-winning software platform to make that a reality.

I love the way Inbound Logistics describes logistics technology in the 2014 Top 100 Logistics report, saying “it has the power to transform organizations, supply chains, and commerce in remarkable ways.”    We’re working to transform the rail industry with GE’s  RailConnect™ 360, a suite of software solutions to help solve some of the toughest issues in the rail industry.  ShipperConnect is a key part of the RailConnect™ 360 offering, and it has the power to change the way rail shippers do business.   

RailConnect™ 360 is all about connecting the dots of vast amounts of information.  I know it’s hard to believe, but, many facilities still use manual methods like paper, spreadsheets, sticky notes, and clipboards to manage their operations.  When we talk to our customers and ask them how they track railcar shipments, over 40 percent report using manual processes.  When asked their strategy for improving visibility, one third of respondents rank improving visibility across multiple sites and streamlining processes to create efficiency as their top priority.  Our ShipperConnect platform gives them the data to manage their operations and connects this data to the next steps in the rail logistics supply chain.  These connected systems improve cost expenditures in their operations and increase their capacity to take on more business.

We want to be recognized a tenth time by Inbound Logistics and we think we can make that happen by linking every part of the rail supply chain with data and connected systems.  RailConnect™ 360 will make it possible to integrate, automate, and optimize our customer’s operations -- unlocking the next generation in productivity.  Ultimately, this gives our customers the ability to focus on the things that matter most -- making fast, informed decisions and growing their business. It’s an exciting time, and this team is energized about the future.  

--Miles Metschke, Senior Product Management Leader 

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