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Meet our new CEO, Russell Stokes


As of October 1, Russell Stokes is the new President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Transportation. Presiding over the leader in rail, mining and marine with annual revenues of $5.6 billion, Russell brings a wide range of leadership to his new position. He was previously in charge of global services for GE Transportation and before that was was the General Manager for GE Aviation’s Global Sourcing Organization.

According to Russell, “We have an incredible opportunity to innovate across our business. We demonstrated that this week with our Evolution® Series Advance Power 4 Engine and NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit. These technologies help solve complex rail challenges, reduce operating costs, decrease fuel use, minimize downtime, increase safety and improve environmental performance.”

As a 16–year veteran of GE, Russell has worked in multiple positions in the Finance function for both GE Aviation and GE Lighting. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Russell continues to be active in the community, helping in multiple locations where GE Transportation has a presence.

Russell graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in finance and has completed GE’s Financial Management Program.


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