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Meet More of Our Employees

Meet our Employees

Combined, John and Patty have worked for GE in Erie, PA for 48 years!  Read about Alan and Anne and their family history here at GE. 

Meet John Manison, breathing new life into old locomotives here in Erie, PA

John Manison is General Manager of Locomotive Modernization.  He has lived in Erie for 45 years; spending 22 of his 30-year GE career right here in Erie.  He’s been instrumental in the launching of new products for rail, marine and mining.  However, there’s a special light in his eyes when he talks about modifications or “MODS”.   He gets excited about creating a brand-new business inside a 100-year old business and running it a whole new way. 

Railroad customer been impacted by the volatile, slow growth economy.  Their older locomotives are incompatible with their current locomotives and are not digitally connected to their systems.  The market is struggling, so we have developed a capital-efficient solution to breathe new life into these aging locomotives, so they can get back on track. 

New processes were designed to transform the old locomotive to a modern rolling data center with the digital power to self-diagnose and self-analyze, delivering unmatched fuel efficiency, velocity, reliability and productivity while essentially doubling the life of the locomotive for a fraction of the cost.  Now the old locos can ride the rails with the younger locos and even speak the same language.

John’s Erie-based MODs program is run by a mission-based, cross-functional team.  The team is redesigning a whole culture, system and processes.  This customer-focused team is designed to be flexible and is empowered to make quick, smart decisions to win opportunities to help our customers.

For Patty Lacy, working at GE Transportation in Erie is a family affair

Patty Lacy

Patty Lacy is a Senior Systems Engineering Leader for Energy Management products in Erie.  A lifelong Erie resident, Patty has been with GE for 26 years.  GE feels like home to Patty, since she runs into husband Robert or brother-in-law Gary throughout the day.  Soon, son John will join the team as an Edison Engineer, one of GE’s early career leadership programs after college graduation.

What makes Patty proud?  The ability to help customers.  Trip Optimizer is one of her proudest accomplishments.  Trip Optimizer is akin to an airplane’s auto-pilot, creating a trip profile and automatically drives train in the most efficient manner.  GE Global Research cultivated the idea and technology and then Patty and a small team took that idea, worked with customers and turned it into a product that provides real benefits for our customers around the world in fuel savings, improved handling and reduced emissions.

Patty is also very involved with the GE Women’s Network.  The Women’s Network connects GE professional women.  It helps to cultivate skills, encourage interaction and provide successful role models.  In Erie, the organization also reaches into the community, helping to mentor younger girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields.  We provide workshops, participate in career days, Women in Engineering, and GE Girls programs.  STEM skills are critical to the future.


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