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The Global Performance Optimization Center (GPOC) is dedicated to improving our customers’ operations

GPOC center


The Global Performance Optimization Center (GPOC) is dedicated to improving our customers’ operations, every moment of every day!  Opened in Erie, PA in 1997, the center monitors messages from over 17,000 locomotives for 53 customers in 23 countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They have created a communication path to send data off a moving asset and hold numerous patents for advanced diagnostics and algorithms. The system automatically analyzes these messages on over 2 terabytes of operational history and the outputs are reviewed and constantly improved upon by a team of 24 technical specialists and domain experts with 100's of years of experience. The center also has the capability and expertise to monitor marine applications and large off highway vehicles. 

As a result of the success, the Erie team lead the creation of three supporting centers around the world. Collectively, the teams process over 2.5 million messages per day and provide real-time alerts to our customers’ operations.  Examples these messages include "low on fuel", "train approaching destination in 15 min", "lights on and battery draining", "engine derating due to weak turbo boast", "quick maintenance needed at next fueling", "based on digital twin, engine needs maintenance in 3 months". 


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