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GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock’s Agents of Change: GE Transportation CEO Jamie Miller

GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock interviews GE Transportation CEO Jamie Miller on her Agents of Change video series.

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Time to Lead. The struggle to be strategic and innovative requires mental and physical space for ideas to be shaped, shared, iterated and re-iterated. Beth Comstock had a chance to catch up with GE Transportation CEO Jamie Miller to hear how she carves out time to innovate, as well as the importance of asking the right question to spark a creative firestorm.

Endless tasks that command immediacy today, fuel a constant fight for oxygen to think strategically. In part 2 of the video series with GE Transportation CEO Jamie Miller, hear how she creates room for growth by making lists – one focused on the things she has to do today to help organize and deliver for customers, and the other list focused on building for the future.

The greatest ideas are born out of change and the understanding that innovation can happen anywhere. So why is it that so many organizations assume it’s a leader’s job to have all the best ideas? In the final video with GE Transportation CEO Jamie Miller, hear how she is creating a culture of innovation that taps into the best and brightest minds (regardless of role), as well as the tough questions she asks to provoke new ideas, test hypotheses or solicit different points of you.

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