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GE Transportation’s Black Start Diesel Generators Get It All Going

In a gas-fueled car a battery-powered electric starter motor briefly is engaged to turn over the engine to get it started.  Once the engine is up and running the starter motor is disengaged.

A similar process is required to get a large turbine power generator to start.  The process is known in the industry as a “Black Start”.  

Besides the power required to run a starting motor for the turbine, to get a power plant operational power also is required to run supporting equipment until the main generator is up and running.   Initial power, therefore, also is needed to operate items such as safety equipment, lighting, ventilation, pumps, controls and gauges.

When a power grid exists, power for the starting motor and other operations often is pulled from the grid until the generator is operational.  

But if a grid is marginal or nonexistent then another solution is needed—a Black Start Diesel Generator (BSDG).  Quite simply, without a reliable Black Start generator the turbine power generator is not operable. 

In remote locations without grids GE Transportation’s BSDGs deliver a highly reliable, proven solution to get operations up and running.    Today GE’s Gensets are being used for power plant support in multiple sites in remote and developing regions including Qatar, Algeria, South Africa and Nigeria.   

Most recently GE Transportation and its regional partner, Sakr Power Project (SPP), have teamed up to supply the majority of BSDGs in Iraq.  SPP provides onsite support during commissioning and service as required to keep the generators optimally performing. 

The country’s Ministry of Electricity chose GE’s BSDGs to support most of its new power plants based on high reliability and performance.  GE’s 16V250 5 MW output is the perfect match to accept demanding starting load with the capability to sustain operation until a turbine is fully operating.

Often the power generating sites are in very remote places. GE’s BSDGs powered by16-cylinder V250 Evolution technology engines have proven to be highly reliable when confronted with challenging environmental (desert dust) and temperature extremes.    The reliable GE BSDGs are an ideal solution for this access challenge since they require minimal service and maintenance.

Reliability certainly is important to get operations up and running fast.  But it is also important that the startups work the first time, every time, to avoid highly expensive extra maintenance operations driven by a failed start up.  GE’s BSDGs are noted for their ability to accept sudden heavy loads without incident.

GE’s Black Start Diesel Generators are reliably helping to brighten the developing world.

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