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GE Transportation recognized at GE Global Leadership Meeting

A huge congratulations to GE Transportation’s Chairman Award recipients and their teams who were recognized at this year’s GE Global Leadership Meeting for their outstanding performance and leadership in 2015.

GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt recognized Global Technology Leader Dominique Malenfant for the technology execution of the Tier 4 Locomotive, India General Manager Nalin Jain, Global Supply Chain Leader Richard Simpson and President and CEO of GE South Asia Banmali Agrawala for the Indian Railways win and helping GE grow globally, and Global Sales Leader Dave Tucker for his service and exemplary customer commitment.

These three awards showcase some of GE Transportation’s biggest stories of 2015. 



Immelt presents the Chairman Award to Malenfant (left to right).

The launch of the Tier 4 Locomotive in 2015 represented a huge technological advancement for locomotives and the completion of one of GE Transportation’s biggest hurdles in recent memory. The Tier 4 is GE’s cleanest locomotive ever and cuts both NOx and particle emissions by 70% without the use of after-treatment resulting in $1.5 billion in infrastructure and operational cost savings for our customers. Malenfant led the Tier 4 team to success. 


Jain, Simpson, Immelt and Agrawala (left to right) pose at the Chairman Awards presentation.

The Indian Railways deal, completed in November, is historic not only for GE Transportation, but for GE as well. The $2.5 billion order represents the largest deal that GE has ever completed in the region. Jain, Simpson and Agrawala led the team to win the order of 1,000 locomotives.


Immelt presents the Chairman Award to the retiring Tucker (left to right).

Customer focused Tucker, who is retiring in March, has been at the forefront of every major commercial deal in recent memory. Without his vision, GE Transportation wouldn’t be where we are today, poised to deliver on our customers’ evolving needs.

Congratulations to all of the GE Transportation winners and their teams who helped make these accomplishments possible!

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