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GE Transportation Hosts Global STEM Education Day


GE Transportation hosted our first Global STEM Education Day in the Community event on Friday, April 17th. Employees from around the world joined together with a common focus of providing students with exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). I am very proud of what we accomplished together in a single day.

Here some highlights about the day:

  • 1639 Students Impacted

  • 1184 Volunteer Hours

  • 335 Volunteers

  • 14 GET Sites

  • 7 Countries

Other important facts about GET Global STEM Education Day included the following:

  • In one day, GET Volunteers donated services equivalent to those of a dedicated FT employee on a six-month assignment.

  • In 2014, 93% of volunteer STEM activity was driven by three sites (Erie, Bangalore, and Melbourne). 

  • On April 17th, 62% of total volunteer hours came from other participating GET sites.GET Global STEM Education Day marked the first GE Volunteer events led by GET at two sites (Thornton & Florence).

  • This was the first STEM-focused GE Volunteers event for five sites. (Contagem, Monterrey, Saltillo, San Luis Potosi, and Torreon)

  • For six sites, more hours were logged into the GE Volunteers portal for STEM Day than for their total volunteer hours in 2014. (Thornton, Florence, Monterrey, Saltillo, Torreon, and Grove City)

Positive insights continue to come in from participating schools and volunteers, some of which are below:

“Our education system does not offer students this type of exposure- GE Volunteers are doing a great job of filling this gap!”

~ Principal, Kadugodi Whitefield School, Bangalore, India

“It is extremely important to have these types of hands-on activities to allow students to understand the applicability of their studies. To practice problems from a text book is important but to see how it relates to real aspects of their life is the best part.”

~ Mr. Burt, Physics Teacher at Mercyhurst Prep, Erie, PA

“I consider STEM an initiative that promotes values like responsibility among participants. Hands-on STEM activities, like our Hovercraft lesson, motivate kids to finish school and instills in them the desire to become engineers.”

~ Andres Morales Garza, STEM Champion for San Luis Potosi, Mexico

“There is something very special and rewarding about seeing that ‘ah ha’ look in a child’s eyes when the wheels start turning in their head. We’re all so busy- sometimes we don’t stop and appreciate the things in life that are really important like the opportunity to have a positive influence in a child’s life. I was able to experience that feeling today.”

~ Larry Bucciarelli, GE Volunteer, Grove City, PA

I am so very proud of what our volunteers accomplished in just one day, but the effort doesn’t end here. We look forward to supporting initiatives that set students’ potential in motion for years to come.

--Cassandra D. Caldwell, Ph.D., Global Leader for Diversity, Inclusion & Community, GE Transportation

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