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GE Transportation hosts annual user’s conference for the Digital Solutions portfolio

GE Transportation is hosting its highly anticipated annual Trip Optimizer, LOCOTROL® and GoLINC™ User’s Conference from April 25-28 in Melbourne, Florida.

The conference offers an opportunity for our customers to learn about continued developments and advancements of GE’s Train Performance portfolio of solutions through product overviews, breakout sessions, customer presentations and feedback sessions.  

The event will showcase new and upcoming product features and enhancements for Trip Optimizer energy management system. With an installed base of over 6,000 units, the Trip Optimizer system is a proven technology exceeding 125 million miles of auto operation providing a sustainable fuel savings of 3-17% depending on train type and territory. New enhancements to be featured include Smart HPT technology, Trip Optimizer on non-GE locomotives and train pacing using Trip Optimizer to Network Dispatch connection.

The latest updates to LOCOTROL® Distributed Power System that will be shared with attendees include enhancements to the platform, reduction of DP communication losses, and improvements to analytics capabilities. The next generation LOCOTROL® DP system, LOCOTROL® XA, currently deployed at two railroads, will commence pilots at two additional railroads in coming months.

We will also announce the new product launch of Road RCL, which is scheduled for delivery in September 2016. Road RCL is a SIL2 certified RCL system built for heavy haul operations with initial deployments on GE Evolution Series locomotives.

Also featured in this year’s conference will be the GoLINC™, a networking and communication platform that effectively turns any locomotive into a mobile data center.  Through the High Performance Extended Applications Platform (HPEAP), GoLINC™ provides high-speed processing and application management. The conference provides updates on newer apps based on the GoLINC™ platform, such as Rail Integrity Monitor, Car Integrity Monitor and LocoVISION & Analytics.

Finally, this year’s conference will introduce GE's GoLINC™, Locomotive Data Acquisition and Recorder System (LDARS).  GE is leveraging the traditional LDARS functionality with the powerful GoLINC™ processing platform, LocoVISION and a new Predix™-based software suite to process data and apply business rules both onboard and off board the locomotive. This unique combination of cutting-edge industry applications enables smarter retrieval and management of data resulting in better monitoring of locomotive crew and train handling – improving overall train performance.

We look forward to welcoming the over 120 customers scheduled to attend, and partnering together throughout the conference to further GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions portfolio.



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