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GE Transportation Field Services Interns share their summer experiences



GE Transportation HRLP Intern Stuart Turner with Field Services Interns Andie Young and Tashina Waltz


We interviewed our Field Services interns across the United States to hear how GE Transportation is helping prepare them for their careers this summer.

Through the global services organization of GE Transportation, locomotive customers get the right support when they need it. GE provides solutions that range from technical support, field services and comprehensive service agreements to overhaul and repair services, product and service upgrades, and locomotive parts and modernization programs – all with a goal of increasing product reliability, improving asset utilization and reducing operating expenses.

GE Transportation’s Field Services intern/co-op program is a significant source of talent for early career positions and leadership development programs at GE like the Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP), Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) and the Commercial Leadership Development Program (CLDP). Each year, the HR team partners closely with intern assignment leaders to ensure meaningful assignments and rich experiences are provided for each student. This ensures that each intern has the best possible experience, driving greater engagement, and attracting and retaining only the best future leaders for GE.

The summer intern program this year is being led by Stuart Turner, a master of human resources student from the University of South Carolina and Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) intern, who is spending his summer in Fort Worth with GE Transportation's global services organization. As an intern himself, he has been tasked with leading the summer program for 30 interns from developing standard policies and procedures for global operations to helping to drive diversity initiatives across the business. While leading the intern program this year, Turner hosted a series of professional development exercises, an annual intern competition, and a number of networking opportunities that have allowed interns at more than 20 remote service locations to connect and engage with each other throughout their summer.

“Our summer intern competition is an exciting piece of the internship experience where the interns work together in teams to explore the multitude of GE technologies and find creative solutions to implement our technologies elsewhere in the world,” said Turner.

Andie Young, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida, and Tashina Waltz, a Montana State University Northern student studying diesel technology equipment management, were also working in Fort Worth this summer as members of the Work Order Support team. This group is part of a new initiative from GE Field Services to centralize technical expertise and allow for a more standardized and simplified approach to execute service work on locomotives.

In this assignment, both Young and Waltz learned more about the technical aspects of locomotive operations by analyzing data gathered from sensors located on the locomotive and our remote monitoring and diagnostics team, reviewing locomotive technical performance history, and engaging with subject matter experts in the field. The duo then applies the appropriate service work orders to inbound locomotives for field technicians to utilize when troubleshooting locomotive failures at their respective shops.

“I have gained a significant amount of knowledge about locomotives including the fascinating assembly process, how GE as a company operates and how my education relates directly to this field,” said Waltz. “Through the work I have completed with our work order team, I have increased my knowledge base on why locomotives are failing and the components that could be causing these failures.”

Most of all, she enjoyed learning about GE’s quality and emissions standards for Tier 4 locomotives since she was able to apply her coursework in diesel fuel standards this past spring.

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of our employees, Young also audited more than 50 service locations’ environmental health and safety (EHS) requirements to standardize procedures and facilitate safety best-practice sharing across all of GE Transportation’s field locations.

“From my experience, I have learned a great deal about the processes required to facilitate the servicing of locomotives and have become more aware of all the work that is required to maintain safe operations,” said Young. “I was able to learn how to collaborate with our shop managers across the U.S. to help complete EHS tasks, which has improved our compliance and enhanced safety for our employees.”

Hats off to these interns and others for all their great work this summer!

Check back for another look on the blog at the lives of our summer interns in Galesburg, Illinois.

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