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GE Transportation Digital Solutions Opens Innovation Lab

GE Transportation Digital Solutions newly created Innovation Lab, located in Atlanta, is a space dedicated for co-creation workshops with our customers to drive the transformation of the transportation industry from evolution to revolution. In addition to the space being used for the innovation work, we have also aligned this vision to operate as a User Centered Design Thinking and Business Modeling/Lean Startup framework to allow for more strategic decisions on which initiatives have the most potential. This vision will allow us to further partner with our customers to help them solve their biggest challenges.

Additionally, we are excited to launch a new digital platform called BrightIdeas. This will be used to crowdsource and submit innovative ideas as well as to help manage and drive the innovation and NPI process . What is crowdsourcing you ask? Watch this video to get an idea of how crowdsourcing is a key element of our new design thinking innovation process.

Time to Innovate!

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