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GE Transportation celebrated Community Day 2016 in Erie and Fort Worth


GE Transportation employees in Erie and Fort Worth celebrated Community Service Day on Friday, July 22, by giving back to their local communities.

In Erie, over 900 volunteers from GE Transportation, Erie’s Public Schools, Erie Insurance, and Tata Consulting left their desks to pick up paint brushes, rollers, and rakes to transform Wilson Middle School and give students a cleaner, fresher school for the new year. At the end of the day, every wall inside Wilson Middle School – all 84,000 square feet - received a new coat of paint.

GE Transportation VP and Global Supply Chain Leader Richard Simpson kicked off Community Service Day at Wilson Middle School along with representatives from Erie’s Public Schools.

“Leaders are givers, and you are all both today!” said Richard Simpson to GE volunteers.

Dr. Jay Badams, Superintendent of Erie's Public Schools, expressed his gratitude to the volunteers who helped transform the school.

“There are 800 students who attend Wilson – fewer than the number of volunteers who join us today – who will be overjoyed when they return to school in the fall,” said Dr. Badams.

Throughout the day, the team used:

  • 20,000 feet of masking tape
  • 2,000 feet of plastic drop cloth
  • 1,000 pieces of bleacher hardware
  • 400 paint rollers
  • 350 gallons of paint
  • 200 paint brushes
  • 100 sanding blocks
  • 75 yards of mulch/top soil
  • 70 ladders

“These kids are our future. They deserve a safe, clean place to learn and grow,” said Bob Frost, Quality Leader and Erie GE Volunteers Leader.


In Fort Worth, 30 GE Transportation employees volunteered at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth. Volunteers helped organize a STEM fair in which about 200 students participated in interactive science activities and experiments.

"It was so fulfilling to get to see and work with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. They were so engaged and interested in all the STEM science projects we did,” said Jeremy Leedom, an intern at GE Transportation.

"It's always great to give back to the community. We appreciate all the time and thought that GE put in today to work with our kids. The kids were so excited to see new faces and try new things," said Isis Izzard, Martin Branch Director, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth.



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