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Celebrating National Train Day



Today marks the 145th anniversary of the pounding of the Golden Spike, the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. And since the Central Pacific and Union Pacific lines were connected on May 10, 1869, GE Transportation has been proud to be a driving force in the rail industry. From Thomas Edison operating the first electric locomotive in 1880 to the introduction of our Evolution® Series in 2005, we are proud to have our locomotives carrying vital products from destinations across the country to your home.

And today, I feel the rail industry is about to enter an incredibly exciting time. The Industrial Internet is a revolutionary force across all of manufacturing as software enables us to better understand millions of data points from the machines building, powering and moving the world. At GE Transportation, we are leading the way in helping our customers improve their operations with the Industrial Internet by utilizing our rail network optimization software as a way to move freight faster and more intelligently. Through RailConnect 360, our suite of over 70 applications, we’re able to let our customers make better, more informed decisions.

We continue to believe in pushing the boundaries of technology on behalf of our customers. We dedicated ourselves to finding a solution for our customers to avoid spending billions of dollars on creating a new urea distribution infrastructure. And with our Tier 4 Evolution® Series Locomotive, we met the challenge. With a brand new engine design, the engineering teams GE Transportation and GE Global Research were able to develop an engine that meets the EPA’s Tier 4 emission requirements without after-treatment technology. And as we continue field-testing our units, I’m proud to say that we’ll have units ready for purchase as we start taking orders for 2015.

The future of locomotive technology isn’t just about meeting emission standards as we continue to believe there is an opportunity to transform future locomotive energy sources. I’m excited that we continue forward with our NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit Kit with Dual Fuel Technology that looks to offer 100% diesel flexibility with up to 80% natural gas substitution. Liquid natural gas (LNG) offers our customers an incredible opportunity for fuel cost savings.

At GE Transportation, we are truly excited to be a part of future of rail and look forward to celebrating even more accomplishments with our customers and you throughout future National Train Days.  We are committed to setting the rail industry’s potential in motion.

--Russell Stokes, Senior Vice President and President & CEO, GE Transportation

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