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On Board with UGL in Australia

The era of natural gas as a major fuel source is just about to begin. Shale natural gas production represents a huge potential source of energy in just the United States alone. U.S. government officials estimate that the U.S. straddles some 2,000 trillion cubic feet of recoverable shale gas, enough to meet approximately a century’s worth of demand. Clearly, the LNG revolution is not going to be a phenomenon we can ignore.

GE Transportation committed to the application of liquid natural gas into our locomotives to ensure that we provide an option to capture the vast benefits of natural gas. That work has led to the development of the NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit Kit, our first dual-fuel locomotive retrofit kit that is expected to reduce loco- motive fuel costs by up to 50%.

So how does the NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit Kit work you might ask? Designed for Tier 2+/Tier 3 EPA emissions, the kits are installed into existing locomotives using a low pressure system that has the flexibility to run on 100% diesel or up to an 80% natural gas substitution when natural gas is available. Specifications of the kit include:

Evolution Series
Horsepower 4400 HP
Braking 117,000 lbs.
Tractive Effort 88.5 Tons
Max speed 79 mpg
Gas substitution Up to 80%2
Gas operation  Automatic
Retrofit Kit Weight Approx. 6,000 lbs

Are you ready for the next revolution in the locomotive industry?


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